This weekend, raise a glass to yourself

Ben Campbell
2 min readMar 18, 2021

If you’re reading this, raise a glass. To yourself.

You made it.

Not even a pandemic could stop you.

Not even a recession could stop you.

A year without your friends. Without school. Without travel.

Christmas was cancelled. And birthdays. Weddings. Anniversaries. They were cancelled too.

No gym. No routines. No hugging.

For many people, there was no dating. There was living alone. There was loneliness.

And for others, the pain of being trapped inside four small walls, sitting at a very not-ergonomic desk, on a very not-ergonomic chair. Zoom call after Zoom call. Until somebody suggested we try a Teams call instead.

There was no screaming from the grandstands, watching your sports team conquer their rivals.

Or family dinners with broken bread and wine and food and wine and food.

You didn’t get to do any of those things this year.

But despite all of that, you’re still standing.

So it’s worth taking a moment and appreciating what you do still have.

And no matter whether you have a great job, an ordinary job, or no job, you have survived one of the most ordinary years in human history. And yet, you are still standing.

So don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re still great, even if you didn’t have a great year.

Tomorrow will be better than today.

An outdoor glass of vino, back when we could have an outdoor glass of vino.



Ben Campbell

Nomadic Australian, perennial traveller and lover of great coffee.